sex trafficking in Baltimore

Victim of Sex Trafficking Rescued During Filming in Baltimore, Maryland

sex trafficking in BaltimoreLast night, our team got back from snowy Baltimore, Maryland, where we were filming the next portion of the IN PLAIN SIGHT documentary. You can read a full recap here, but I wanted to share a powerful story with you.

On Saturday evening, we were accompanied by a couple of people from The Samaritan Women (TSW) as we drove to a nearby area known for prostitution. Not only did we have the opportunity to interview a john (customer) on camera, but we had the privilege to interview two ladies who were working that night.

Meet April – Sold Since Age 8

A TSW volunteer went ahead of our vehicle to connect with a few ladies, and she arranged for April to speak with us on camera. With her eyes sunken in, April told us how she was sold for sex at the age of 8 by her mother, and she was controlled by a pimp her entire life until just a few years ago.

Tattooed with her pimp’s name on her body, she told us about the years of being chained to a bed and unable to ever attend school. Tears were streaming down her face as she shared how she now sells herself just to feed her heroine addiction.

After the cameras were turned off, I walked with her over to the car of a TSW volunteer to get a blanket, toiletries, and a bit of cash.

“Do you want out, sweetie?” the TSW volunteer asked.

“I do, but I gotta kick my habit first. I don’t want to go in being sick,” April said.

She was worried about the withdrawals from her addiction, but she seemed close to rock bottom at age 34.

April Was Ready to Get Off the Streets

The next morning, TSW got a call from April, and she was in tears – asking for help to go to rehab. With April’s permission, we filmed TSW picking her up where we had last left her the night before, and we drove straight to the ER at a local hospital. Jeanne Allert, founder of TSW, stayed with April for five hours as she started to withdraw from the heroine.

We’re happy to say that April (who has now been nicknamed “Hope” by the TSW team) is in a 72 hour dual diagnosis treatment center, and we hope that she’ll stay for a full 30 days. At that point, she’ll have the opportunity to enter The Samaritan Women’s residential program (18-24 months) for survivors of sex trafficking. Well definitely keep you updated on Hope’s story!

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  • Jeanne

    update: went to see her in the rehab facility the last two nights. tonight she gave me a letter she wrote to God…. I share with you all an excerpt out of pure admiration for her heart: “I am asking you to hold my hand and my heart this time so I don’t like let you down because I’m scared of feeling more than pain in the side. God, I know you can hear me you got me this far and this time I feel like it might be the last please god hold me 2 night.”

    Please– pray for her. she is God’s special child.


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