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StartSomethingYou’re aware of human trafficking. Now what? Whether you’re passionate about ending forced labor or sex trafficking, you can start “something” – a project, event, campaign, or organization – to help end trafficking in our world. You have the ability to rally friends, family, or your entire community to accomplish something world-changing. Whether it’s putting on a fundraiser, hosting an awareness event, launching a new initiative at your university, or starting a fair trade business, you have access to all the resources you need to get started. Do you believe that? I do.

Designed for college students, 20-somethings, and anyone passionate to help end human trafficking:

Introduction – Don’t Get Stuck in Traffick
Chapter 1 – Why Do You Want to Start Something?
Chapter 2 – What Are You Trying to Accomplish?
Chapter 3 – How to Launch a PROJECT
Chapter 4 – How to Host an EVENT
Chapter 5 – How to Raise Money Through a CAMPAIGN
Chapter 6 – How to Start an ORGANIZATION
Chapter 7 – Recruit and Motivate Your Team
Chapter 8 – Market Your Something
Chapter 9 – Refine, Replicate, Rejuvenate

Through an easy to follow process and inspiring real-life examples, you’ll be equipped and motivated to get started right away.

Available on Amazon Now – Click Here to Purchase