Sex Trafficking in Dallas & Houston

From February 21st-23rd, our team was in Texas to film a portion of the IN PLAIN SIGHT documentary on sex trafficking in the United States. Thanks to our friends at Abolition International, we were able to connect with Traffick911 (based in Dallas) and Redeemed (based in Houston). 


This was a unique experience in that we captured stories from two organizations within one filming trip. There was a great deal of driving from Dallas through the backroads of Texas and eventually to Houston, but it’s always worth it to connect with passionate abolitionists and tenacious survivors of sex trafficking.

Deena Graves – Founder of Traffick911
We met Deena at Triumph House (the aftercare home started by Traffick911) in an undisclosed location, and you probably wouldn’t be able to find it even if you had the address. The 160 acre property with a 7,000 square foot home and an 8,000 square foot barn is in a rural location that is incredibly peaceful. The home is beautifully decorated and can house up to six minors who are survivors of sex trafficking. Having been to five different aftercare homes, it is exciting to see and learn about the uniqueness of each property and program.


Having just opened two months ago, Triumph House currently has two teenage girls living in the home, and it was a privilege to meet them and hear a bit about their journey. Deena is a powerhouse communicator that will add a great deal to the film.

Brenda Garcia – Team Leader at Traffick911
Not only is Brenda on staff full-time with Traffick911, but she volunteers her time as a leader of a team that goes into juvenile detention centers in the Dallas area. Multiple times per month, teams from Traffick911 present “Traps of a Trafficker” to female residents – some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society due to their personal backgrounds. In the last two years, Traffick911 has identified over 80 girls who have been victims of sex trafficking, and they work directly with the juvenile justice system to get the girls the counseling and resources needed.


Jon Wolfe – Security Expert with The Wolfe Group Security and Investigations
Having travelled worldwide with the Justice Department to train counter-terrorism groups in other countries, Jon is keenly aware of sex trafficking – both internationally and domestically. He participated in Traffick911’s first rescue of a sex trafficking victim, and he has continued to work alongside them as the need arises.

Bobbie Mark – Co-founder of Redeemed
We met Bobbie at an undisclosed rural location at the Redeemed aftercare home – a five acre property with a beautiful home able to house up to four female survivors of sex trafficking. Three staff members (a couple and single woman) are onsite for supervision, care, and counseling through a highly-structured program. It was wonderful to hear the journey that Bobbie and her husband, Dennis, walked through in order to launch the home several years ago.


Having interviewed six female abolitionists across the country at these aftercare homes, they have an equal level of passion and commitment to see sex trafficking end in America.

Emma – sex trafficking survivor (not pictured)
We had the privilege of hearing Emma’s story as she told it for the first time to a public audience. Having lost her virginity at 15, raped by the same boyfriend soon after, and molested by a family member in the same year, Emma found herself spiraling from the abuse. Years later, she had a son, earned her AA degree, and was working as a pharmacy technician. In a vulnerable position, her (then) boyfriend coerced her into prostituting herself for “just one month” – which turned into over six years. Her story of abuse and brokenness is only rivaled by the transformation that she has experienced at Redeemed.

Ruth – sex trafficking survivor (not pictured)
Having been sold by her own parents at an early age, Ruth experienced one abusive relationship after another for her entire life. Her story is quite similar to that of many survivors we have spoken to…a man acts as if he’s a loving boyfriend, but soon turns abusive and controlling as he forces her to be sold on the Internet. Ruth’s story is unique in that a “john” offered to take her to the Super Bowl in New Orleans in 2013, but once they arrived, he forced her to sell herself to men who would be attending the game. The story of her connection to Redeemed will inspire you, and her transformed life will bring your hope in the midst of this dark tragedy. She has her entire life ahead of her, and we believe she’s going to do amazing things!


We feel so privileged to get to know passionate leaders and survivors of sex trafficking, but we are still in the process of funding the IN PLAIN SIGHT campaign (film, album, book). To date, we’ve raised over $45,000, and we’re still in need of $40,000 to fully fund the documentary. There are two ways to make a tax-deductible donation:

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