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Sex Trafficking in Sacramento

From January 3rd-5th, our team was in Sacramento, California, to film a portion of the IN PLAIN SIGHT documentary on sex trafficking in the United States. Thanks to our friends at Abolition International, we were able to connect with Courage House – a long-term, residential program for minor survivors (11-17 years of age) of sex trafficking.


William Jessup UniversityDr. John Jackson – President, William Jessup University
Based in Rocklin, CA, William Jessup University has a strong relationship with Courage House, and the school is committed to helping any resident get an education if that is part of the individual’s path. We’re thankful for Dr. Jackson’s willingness to set aside time to share about the university’s commitment to educating student on issues of justice – particularly sex trafficking.

Jessica – Survivor of Sex Trafficking
As a former resident of Courage House, it was an honor to connect with Jessica and hear her story of transformation. Having been in and out of foster homes for years, she connected with the nephew of her foster parent at the age of 17. He quickly moved from ‘boyfriend’ to ‘pimp’, and she was trafficked up and down California. (Just a few months ago, Jessica learned that her foster mom actually sold her to the nephew, and a portion of the money was being funneled back to her.) After being rescued and starting on the road to healing at Courage House, Jessica now participates in the work of City of Refuge in Sacramento.


In Plain Sight - sex trafficking documentaryJenny Williamson – Founder, Courage Worldwide
Located in an undisclosed, rural location near Sacramento, Courage House opened on August 1, 2011, and it is a state-licensed, long-term residential level 12 group home for six girls, ages 11–17, with plans to build ten cottages on the 50-acre property to accommodate sixty girls in the future. Upon arrival, we had the opportunity to connect with the current residents and share a bit about the documentary with them. Although we had a chance to talk with Jenny via Skype the week before our visit, nothing can prepare you for her infectious smile and undying passion for rescuing girls from sex trafficking. It was an absolute privilege to tour the 50+ acre property and hear her passion and dreams for the future.

Liz – Survivor of Sex Trafficking
There is no way to capture the courage and tenacity of Liz until you see the film. Photographed for pornography starting at age five and sold by her own parents at age six, Liz was trafficked in 48 states and 22 countries until she finally ran away at age 18. Her story of survival and ultimate transformation through the work of Courage House is incredibly inspiring. Not only did she obtain her teaching credential through William Jessup University, but she’ll be going back in the Fall to get her Masters.


In Plain Sight - sex trafficking documentaryThe Henry Family
If you’ve been keeping up with the vision of the documentary, you know that we want to help unsuspecting families open their eyes to what’s happening down the street from where they live. Through a relationship with Pastor Tim Lewis at World Harvest Ministries, we met the Henry Family a couple of weeks ago, and they were open to being featured in the film. On Sunday, we arrived on their doorstep at 7:30am, and they warmly welcomed us into their home.We spent time getting to know each family member through conversations, interviews, and filming them interacting as a family. In a sense, this will allow the viewer to see a snapshot of their lives – before being educated on the topic of sex trafficking later that afternoon. Did we mention how amazing they are for letting us into their lives?

Mike Rayfield – Retired FBI Agent (25 years)

We were honored to interview Mike and film as he educated the Henry family on what’s happening in the Sacramento area. Not only did he show them how easy it is to set up a “date” with an underage girl who is being advertised online, but he also drove them to several areas in Sacramento that they would have never suspected. All of the movies pale in comparison to what this guy has experienced in real life.

Mike RayfieldMike is a recently retired 25 year veteran Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. From 2006 until March of 2013 Mike worked with, and supervised the Violent Crime Squad in Sacramento California, which included the following multi-agency task forces: Safe Streets Violent Crime Task Force, Safe Streets Gang Task Force and Child Exploitation Task Force. During this same period Mike supervised the SWAT team. From 1999 until his retirement, Mike taught numerous POST certified basic SWAT schools. Prior to 2006 Mike was the SWAT ATL, and on the investigative side focused on violent crime investigations specializing in tracking and apprehending violent fugitive felons as a member of the Sacramento Police Department’s Career Criminal Apprehension Team (CCAT). Mike began his FBI career with the San Antonio, Texas Division of the FBI where he investigated drug trafficking organizations, was assigned to a DEA task force and a member of the FBI SWAT team. He followed this with six years as an operator/assaulter and eventually an assistant team leader with the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) Based in Quantico, Virginia. Along with 25 years of tactical experience, Mike is also a certified hostage negotiator. His FBI career and breadth of experience has afforded him the opportunity to operate, train and instruct in many foreign countries to include Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Malta, Georgia, Hungary and Israel to name a few. Mike now works as a Private Investigator, Contract Security Consultant and Law Enforcement Instructor for various agencies.


We feel so privileged to get to know passionate leaders and survivors of sex trafficking. We look forward to shooting in Little Rock, Houston, and Dallas over the next two months We are still in the process of funding the IN PLAIN SIGHT campaign (film, album, book). To date, we’ve raised over $45,000, and we’re still in need of $25,000 to fully fund the documentary. There are two ways to make a tax-deductible donation:

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