Three Radio Spots Raising Awareness of Sex Trafficking in the United States

One of the exciting things about launching the IN PLAIN SIGHT campaign to help end sex trafficking in America is to see the wide range of people who ask if they can help. Recently, we were contacted by a woman who has the ability to provide us with two 30 second radio spots (PSAs – public service announcements) on over 475 radio stations owned by Cumulus around the country…every single night of the week.

Guess how she heard about IN PLAIN SIGHT?

Several weeks ago, she started to feel like she wanted to do something practical to help in the fight against human trafficking, so she Googled the term and came across our website. She started reading about efforts to educate America and motivate people to take action, and she reached out to us via email. When I (David Trotter) received the email, I immediately thought it was a sales proposition, but I knew we didn’t have the resources to pay for radio advertising. After an hour phone conversation, she understood my heart for the issue and accompanying efforts, and I understood her generous offer.

Not only are we thankful for the incredible opportunity to run the radio spots, but we greatly appreciate Molly Haughton for recording the voiceovers and AdWise Creative for producing the spots. We look forward to the spots starting to run across the country!

      Spot #1 - IN PLAIN SIGHT


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