IN PLAIN SIGHT Podcast to End Human Trafficking

Welcome to the IN PLAIN SIGHT Podcast, a podcast to end human trafficking. We know that a podcast can never end such a human travesty, but you can…we can end human trafficking as we learn and work together.


Over the last year and a half as we’ve been producing the IN PLAIN SIGHT resources, we’ve heard from countless leaders – both current and emerging – that there is a need for inspiring stories and actionable insights from people who are farther down the road on this journey.

That’s why we’re launching this podcast as a source of inspiration and information for those of you who are taking action in your own city.

Whether your focus is on prevention, demand, rescue, aftercare, or research, our hope is that each weekly interview with an experienced anti-trafficking leader will provide you with something you can use in your efforts. We’re less interested in “get to know you” interviews and more focused on a specific topic that will be helpful to a broad audience.


While you can always find the latest episodes on this page, we highly recommend getting the Stitcher app for your Android or iPhone, the Podcast app for your iPhone, or in iTunes. (Search for “IN PLAIN SIGHT” in the Stitcher or iTunes Podcast apps.)


001: How to Work With Key Stakeholders in Your City – Stacia Freeman (Hope for Justice)
002: Exposing the Traps of a Trafficker at Juvenile Detention Centers – Brenda Garcia (Traffick911)
003: Understanding the Four Types of Shelters for Trafficking Survivors – Jeanne Allert (The Samaritan Women)
004: Using Concerts to Raise Money and Awareness of Modern-Day Slavery – Grace Theisen & Lauren Lancaster (Songs Against Slavery)
005: Why More Homes Are Needed for Sex-Trafficked Girls – Jenny Williamson (Courage Worldwide)
006: How to Launch a Product to Combat Trafficking – Nick & Cari Elcock (Sovereign Sandals)
007: Starting an Abolitionist Group in Your City – Kimberly Yim (San Clemente Abolitionists)
008: Preventing Children from Entering Foster Care – Kelsey Galaway (Safe Families for Children)
009: Inspiring Your Church to Start an Anti-trafficking Ministry – Susan Patterson (Through God’s Grace Ministry)
010: Why Men in Your City Purchase Sex – Teresa Downing-Matibag (Iowa State University)
011: How Volunteers Are Disrupting Thousands of Sex Buyers” – Tom Perez (The EPIK Project)
012: 11 Cities Network to Cease Demand for Commercial Sex – Devin Rebello (CEASE Network)
013: Porn Is The Gateway Drug to Buying Sex – Clay Olsen (Fight the New Drug)
014: How Fathers Can Reduce Demand for Commercial Sex – Alex Trouteaud (Street Grace)
015: Dear John: There’s No Such Thing as a Happy Hooker – Marian Hatcher (Cook County, Illinois Sheriff’s Office)
016: Why Do You Do What You Do? – David Trotter (Executive Producer of IN PLAIN SIGHT)
017: Opening the Eyes of Sex Buyers Through the Nashville John School – Kenny Baker (Behavioral Treatment Providers)
018: Helping Human Trafficking Survivors One Tattoo at a Time – Chris Baker (Ink 180)
019: Avoiding Burnout: Caring For Yourself While Caring About Others – David Trotter (Executive Producer of IN PLAIN SIGHT)
020: Empowering Teen Girls Through Leadership Camp – Gloria Manchester (LEAP)
021: Educating 10,000 Students on Trafficking One Classroom at a Time – Ashlie Bryant (3 Strands Global)
022: How to Recruit and Motivate Your Volunteer Team – David Trotter (Executive Producer of IN PLAIN SIGHT)
023: How SafeNight Leverages Technology to Temporarily House a Survivor – Marnie Webb (Caravan Studios)
024: Saving Lives by Mobilizing Truckers Against Trafficking – Kendis Paris (Truckers Against Trafficking)
025: The Connection Between the Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking – Nita Belles (Founder of In Our Backyard)
026: Opening Windows of Opportunity Through Employment Training – Matthew Aspegren (CEO of 10ThousandWindows)