001: “How to Connect With Key Stakeholders in Your City” with Stacia Freeman – Hope for Justice

Welcome to the first episode of the IN PLAIN SIGHT Podcast, a podcast to end human trafficking. I know that a podcast can never end such a human travesty, but you can…we can end human trafficking as we learn and work together.

Over the last year and a half as I’ve been producing the IN PLAIN SIGHT resources, I’ve heard from countless leaders – both current and emerging – that there is a need for inspiring stories and actionable insights from people who are farther down the road on this journey.

Stacia Freeman - Hope for JusticeThat’s why I’m launching this podcast as a source of inspiration and information for those of you who are taking action in your own city.

Whether your focus is on prevention, demand, rescue, aftercare, or research, my hope is that each weekly interview with an experienced anti-trafficking leader will provide you with something you can use in your efforts. I’m less interested in “get to know you” interviews and more focused on a specific topic that will be helpful to a broad audience.

While you can always find the latest episodes on this page, we highly recommend getting the Stitcher app for your Android or iPhone, the Podcast app for your iPhone, or in iTunes. (Search “In Plain Sight Podcast” on Stitcher or the iTunes Podcast app, and you’ll find the show.)

Stacia Freeman (US Director – Hope for Justice)
In today’s episode, Stacia Freeman, US Director of Hope for Justice, discusses how to connect with key stakeholders in your community as you seek to help end human trafficking.

As you listen, you’ll have the opportunity to learn:

  1. Why it’s important to connect with key stakeholders.
  2. What you need to figure out before reaching out to stakeholders.
  3. How to avoid common mistakes as you’re just getting started.


Hope for Justice – www.hopeforjustice.org

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