Awaken Our Lives with David Trotter

Episode 012
“Protecting Children from Sexual Exploitation”
Homayra Sellier – Innocence En Danger


Welcome to the “Awaken Our Lives with David Trotter” podcast. As many of you know, we have recently produced the IN PLAIN SIGHT campaign to help sex trafficking in the United States. As part of this project, I’m co-executive producing a documentary film and music album as well as co-authoring a 31 day group study guide. In the process, I’m meeting many leaders who are working to eradicate this issue, and I’ve been introducing you to various leaders along the way.

TODAY’S GUEST: Homayra Sellier – founder of Innocence En Danger

Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with Homayra Sellier, the founder of Innocence En Danger, an international NGO focused on protecting children from all forms of sexual abuse – including sex trafficking. They currently have offices in seven countries (France, USA, Germany, Colombia, Switzerland, UK, Italy) and partner associations throughout the world, sharing the same objectives.



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