Awaken Our Lives with David Trotter

Episode 002
“How Pornography Is Fueling Sex Trafficking in America”
Jerry Peyton – Sold No More

Welcome to the “Awaken Our Lives with David Trotter” podcast. Although I wear many hats in this season of life, I’m finding that Social Transformation Tour Guide may fit the best. As a filmmaker, writer, speaker, and marketer, I’m drawn to social justices issues that need more awareness in our world. Ultimately, I’m passionate about inspiring people to take action in a cause that capture’s their heart.

As many of you know, my current focus is on the IN PLAIN SIGHT campaign to help sex trafficking in the United States. We are working in concert with Abolition International, and the resources will be released by Word Entertainment in the Fall of 2014. As part of this project, I’m Co-executive producing a documentary film and music album as well as co-authoring a 31 day group study guide. In the process, I’m meeting many leaders who are working to eradicate this issue, and I want to introduce you to some of them in the weeks ahead. 

jerry peytonTODAY’S GUEST: Jerry Peyton – Sold No More
He is the Founder and Executive Director of Sold No More, a nonprofit organization with a mission to end sex trafficking in Tucson and provide a hopeful solution to this problem. Over the past three years, he has educated thousands of people in the Tucson area on this subject, and he has a very interesting perspective on the role of pornography in our culture.


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