college_hosts_smWhen we became aware of sex trafficking in the United States, we couldn’t just stand by without doing something about it. We wanted people to know about the issue, and we wanted to motivate people to take action. From our own experience, the use of fear to educate only drives people away, and despair doesn’t motivate anyone. As we produced the IN PLAIN SIGHT documentary, we wanted to focus on the hope we saw in the work of six female abolitionists and the survivor stories emerging from the darkness.
We learned that…
prevention is attainable,
decreasing demand is achievable,
and restoration is possible.
But, we need you and your campus to be part of the solution.
Colleges and universities across America are already stepping up to host screenings, launch groups, and take action in their communities. We want to invite you to join them in the effort to end sex trafficking in our nation.
Will you join the effort?

Host a screening of IN PLAIN SIGHT.

– Invite campus groups, your school, or even the entire city.
– The film is accessible for people of any faith or no faith.
– We make it easy to host a screening on your campus.

Raise money for six unique aftercare projects.

– Rally friends (or your entire campus) to help survivors of sex trafficking.
– Or, raise money for a local organization you already support.

Utilize our informative and inspiring resources in groups.

– We want you to be both educated and motivated, and that’s why we’ve created five unique resources.
– Learn more about the documentary, benefit music album, faith-based study guide, and two other books.

Start a project, event, campaign, or organization.

– You’ve been uniquely gifted for a reason.
– Start something to end trafficking, and we’ll help you.

Get the attention of your campus.

– Hang our attention-getting posters on bulletin boards, dorms, and on campus.
– Make a statement, raise awareness, and get people talking

DAVID TROTTER - co-executive producer, co-director, author - IN PLAIN SIGHT

We want to empower you with engaging resources to educate your campus about sex trafficking in the United States. By helping guys understand the reality of what they’re purchasing and everyone know how they can play a role in the fight, we are committed to helping you in any way we can. Host a screening, start a group, raise money, and take action. You have what it takes to make a difference in your community.


  • FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW to indicate your interest in hosting a screening. We will quickly respond to provide you access to a “leadership preview page” so that your leadership team can screen the film and review the study guide. We want to help you think through any details prior to the event and celebrate your success afterwards. Of course, we’ll be promoting your screening on our website and through social media.

  • CHOOSE A DATE, TIME, AND LOCATION to screen it at your church, school, community center, or local theatre. It doesn’t matter to us, but make sure you can get a solid group of people that will be there – as many as possible!

  • PURCHASE A SCREENING LICENSE by calling Word Films at 888.324.9673 or ordering online at www.wordmusic.com. A screening license is $99 for most groups to legally host a public screening, and the DVD will be mailed to you by Word Films after you purchase the screening license.

  • USE OUR EDITABLE MARKETING RESOURCES to promote the screening to your community – click here.

  • USE THE OTHER RESOURCES available to you.
    Beyond the documentary, we’ve produced four other resources to educate and inspire your audience. From a benefit music album to a faith-based devotional, you’ll definitely want to check out what you can utilize to motivate people to take action in your own community

  • QUESTIONS: Contact David Trotter at david@inplainsightfilm.com or 949.335.2925.



    We want to provide you with the tools you need to ensure a successful screening.

    • Authorized public exhibition license to screen the film through Word Films.
    • – Downloadable promotion kit with templates for posters, flyers, bulletin inserts, and the official movie trailer.
    • – Screening Promotion Guide to help you plan your event.
    • – Listing of your screening on the IN PLAIN SIGHT website and social media.
    • – Let us know if you’d like to have Stacia Freeman (US Director of Hope for Justice) or David Trotter (co-executive producer of IN PLAIN SIGHT) at your screening, and we can discuss the possible arrangements, travel, and honorarium.


    Fill out my online form.