021: Educating 10,000 Students on Trafficking One Classroom at a Time – Ashlie Bryant (3 Strands Global)

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Ashlie Bryant (3 Strands Global)
Ashlie is the VP of Development and Outreach for 3 Strands Global and the founder of Break Free, an anti-trafficking organization that recently merged with 3 Strands to expand their efforts. She has been a part of the CA Attorney General’s round table in Sacramento, which focuses on collaborative solutions to human trafficking, and in 2013, Ashlie was awarded a Resolution by the California State Senate for her hard work and dedication.

As you listen, you’ll have the opportunity to learn:

  1. What Break Free education is and how it was developed.
  2. How they gained access to classrooms to educate students.
  3. How students are responding with practical next steps.

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  • Carol Midboe

    Dear Mr. Trotter,

    I have two daughters that are 8 and 10 years old attending a private school in Austin Texas, Khabele. A teacher reported me, with a negative connotation to C.P.S., that I had educated my daughters about human trafficking and specially a local story in Texas about a girl trafficked by a middle school “friend”.

    The Texas Education Agency requires teachers to be trained in how to identify and respond responsibly to the red flags of Child Sexual Abuse, yet many teachers are not aware of the requirement nor the available resources for free training.

    What is Traffick 911 doing to address education of our Texas educators on human trafficking?

    Carol Midboe


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