003: “Understanding the Four Types of Shelters for Trafficking Survivors” with Jeanne Allert – The Samaritan Women

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Jeanne Allert (Founder & Executive Director – The Samaritan Women)
Founded in 2007 and based in Baltimore, MD, The Samaritan Women is a long-term restorative home for survivors of human trafficking. In today’s episode, Jeanne discusses the four types of shelters that are emerging in cities across America.

As you listen, you’ll have the opportunity to learn:

  1. The four types of shelters.
  2. The strengths and limitations of each.
  3. The level of expertise, staffing, and financial support needed.
  4. The importance of a network of shelters across our nation.

Four Types of Shelters – pdf guide
The Samaritan Women – www.thesamaritanwomen.org
Safe Families – www.safe-families.org
Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence – from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror by Judith Herman – click here

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  • Sister Teresita Hinnegan


    Hi! I would like to add a fifth column to your list of types of shelters. Dawn’s Place in Philadelphia is a one year (and sometimes longer) residence and therapeutic program for women who have been trafficked for sex. From six years of experience and the reality of post graduates returning for additional help we are adding both a post-graduate residence and non-resident service programs. These women may have a job and an apartment but still need help in their re-socialization into a society that is complex and sometimes difficult to navigate on their own. The residence will be for those who have lost their apartments and need a place to stay while getting re-stabilized through additional counseling.and other needed services.

    Take care,

  • Jeanne

    Excellent contribution, and I totally agree with you. There are just so few of these “graduate housing” options nationwide. I suspect–as it sounds you do–that as our nation grows in knowledge and competency in the prior phases, we’ll see that the graduate housing step will become more of necessity. Great discourse! thank you.


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