002: “Exposing the Traps of a Trafficker at Juvenile Detention Centers” with Brenda Garcia – Traffick911

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Brenda Garcia (Dallas County Juvenile Detention Coordinator – Traffick911)
In today’s episode, Brenda shares how Traffick911 has been hosting presentations at 11 detention centers (soon to add three more) over the last three years, which has been recognized by Homeland Security and the FBI.

As you listen, you’ll have the opportunity to learn:

  1. How this presentation is making a difference in the Dallas area.
  2. 3-4 critical action steps that you need to take if you were interested in starting something.
  3. How to approach a juvenile detention center to develop a similar program.

Traps of a Trafficker – www.bit.ly/trapsofatrafficker

Traffick911 – www.traffick911.com

Start Something to End Trafficking – www.bit.ly/StartToEnd

is fighting to end modern day slavery, harnessing the power of the crowd (that’s you and me) to raise funds for innovative projects that combat slavery in a variety of ways, and they currently have six projects they are inviting us to crowd fund. Watch the videos at Endcrowd.com.

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